Why Don't We Sell Extended Warranties or Protection Plans?

At BILTRITE Furniture, we believe in transparency and value for our customers. That's why we don't push expensive protection plans and extended warranties that end up costing you more than they're worth.

Buyer Beware: Don't Buy Protection Plans & Extended Warranties!

Don’t waste your money on protection plans and extended warranties. BILTRITE only carries products that come with a manufacturer’s warranty AND BILTRITE is your trusted point of contact should a warrantable issue arise.

Third-party plans aren’t worth the money:

  • Aftermarket sprays/treatments will void a manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, many of these sprays degrade the durability and resiliency of the fabric.
  • Accident coverage plans are expensive and usually exceed the cost of having a repair done on your own.
  • Most third-party plans have a long list of exclusions as to what is and what is not covered.
  • Making a claim can be a long and challenging process. The claim process is designed to be painful in the hopes that you just give up!
  • If the third-party insurer goes out of business, you’re out of luck and money!
  • Still not convinced? Check out reviews for companies like Allstate, Bob’s Goof Proof, Guardian, Montage Furniture Services (MFS), Safeware and WorryNoMore. The proof is in the reviews!