Buying a New Mattress

Purchasing a mattress is a commitment.  At BILTRITE Furniture - Leather- Mattresses we take mattress shopping seriously and want to make sure you are getting the correct mattress to fit your needs.  The claim by many new online retailers that one mattress fits everyone is misleading as well as stores that offer no professional sales

Clutter & Sleep

It’s time to reorganize your bedroom for better sleep! The laundry’s piled up, books you meant to read, last week’s attempt to reorganize – they’re all in heaps on the floor. It’s a likely scenario in our bedrooms during our most busy times, or perhaps like my previous roomie, all the time. If you’re anything

Buy a Mattress Online?

4 reasons to NOT buy a mattress online You can buy just about anything online nowadays – books, dinner, shoes. Shopping online can be done within the comfort of our homes, regardless of the weather or time of day. It’s easy to do your pre-buying research. But buying a mattress online can be a slippery

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