Randi K.’s Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips From Randi K.

Eat before sleep is not the healthiest, however sometimes we just need a snack before bed. I often get home late from work and need to eat a little something, but am careful in my selection so I don’t interrupt my sleep pattern. Eating a snack that is healthy and balanced can actually help with a more peaceful rest.  Eating a large meal or drinking alcohol/caffeinated beverages before sleep can cause heartburn, possible weight gain and insomnia.

3 Foods to Avoid Before Bed

  • Fried/greasy foods
  • Caffeinated beverages/foods (ie chocolate, coffee)
  • Spicy  foods

3 Healthier Options

  • Small plain yogurt with a few multigrain crackers or handful of raw nuts (ie: almonds)
  • Flatbread with a few slices of cheese
  • Small bowl of whole grain cereal with milk/plain yogurt