Never Out of Style

Trends are fleeting, by their very definition. What’s hot now might be old hat next year – or even fall out of favor by next season. But there are some décor elements that have a universal appeal and never seem to go out of style. These classics are easy to incorporate in your home, and they’ll look great next to your “trendier” pieces. Let BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses help add some style to your home!

Black-and-white. This high-contrast combo is dramatic, goes with everything, and has a graphic appeal that always looks modern.

Metallics. The shine, warmth, and texture of metal accents make their mark in any home. Metal’s dynamic shimmer can be festive and glamorous, and its muted patinas feel rustic and homey.

Floral patterns. Images of nature have always inspired home décor. The size and scale of the flower depictions may vary over time, but you can count on them (as well as stripes and plaid) as a pattern staple.

Mirrors. You can gain a new perspective on your room by simply hanging a mirror. Reflecting natural light brightens the room, plus it offers the illusion of more space beyond the wall.

Multifunctional pieces. A wise buy is always a good idea! You get more out of your investment if the furniture offers something extra such as storage, additional seating, or the flexibility to be used in more than one room.

Blue. From soft, calming hues to vibrant statement shades, blue is America’s go-to favorite. It’s a safe color that’s easy to work with in combination with many others. Navy, in particular, is never out of favor.

Candles. You can’t beat an accessory that provides ambiance, a visually attractive focal point, and a pleasant aroma.