Your Evolving Decor

Moving into a new place is a life-changing milestone, and making it feel like home can mean a lot of décor decisions.  Whether you’re starting out or starting over, furnishing an empty home is a big job to tackle. BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses is here to help with a few of these tips to help you get through the process.

One room at a time

The reality is that most people don’t buy every piece for every room as soon as they get a new home. Transforming all at once is normally not practical and will leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.

Start with the room you’ll be spending the most time in – the bedroom or living room, most likely.  Having a retreat that looks furnished and feels lived in will go a long way towards helping you feel at home.

A sofa is a basic item in most homes.  As such, it’s worth investing in a good one. Likewise, find a quality supportive mattress.  These are items you’ll be keeping long-term and spending lots of time using.

It’s a good idea to live in your new home for a month or two before making some of the decisions.  You’ll have a better idea about traffic flow, what size pieces are required, how natural light changes over the course of the day, and how each room will be used.

Decide what you like

It helps to go shopping with inspiration in mind – such as a style you like or a color palette.  Pieces that reflect your own style bring personality to your space.  Current trends favor a collected look, full of variation yet cohesive.  So it’s okay if your older pieces don’t look exactly like the new additions.  You can tie them together with similar shapes, colors, or finishes.

Are you the type who embraces each new fashion?  Or do you prefer styling that will stand the test of time?  Think about how long you want to live with your new furniture.  Some elements will always be in style, but if you think you might outgrow it quickly, you might not want to invest.

As you add new furnishings, consider multifunctional pieces or items that could work in more than one room. Chances are, you’ll move again.  If you plan on taking it with you to future homes it might have more of a life span if it’s suited to additional uses.

Be patient!

Don’t trap yourself with the idea that the room must be finalized at a set date.  It’s not going to be perfect instantly, especially if it’s your first home.  You’ll be happier with your living space if the furnishings are functional and meaningful to you.

The best spaces evolve over time and have the benefit of several edits.  Truly great rooms have layers.  You may edit and re-edit many times before you find perfection.  Either way – enjoy the process!