Decorating with Red

Red is a powerful color that commands attention. A touch of red has a big impact, making it a popular choice for use in home décor.  Here are some color combination ideas to help incorporate your favorite shade into your home.


Bold shades really pop against light backgrounds, and a splash of red can liven up a neutral space.  Red has been referred to as a kind of neutral itself – not because it’s a muted tone, but because it’s so easily matched with a range of colors. Cream looks great with warm reds, gray is a beautiful backdrop for cranberry, and white looks crisp with all shades of red.


Complimentary colors work dynamically because they are opposite each other on the color wheel.  The impact comes from the contrast as the colors draw on each other’s intensity.  A saturated red-and-green combo is probably too Christmasy for most people’s taste, but a less saturated sage green or pale olive will make the pairing more décor-friendly.


This is another case of “opposites attract.”  The warm/cool interaction of this unexpected combination makes both hues even more vibrant.  Wine-red Marsala, the current Color of the Year, is commonly being paired with turquoise and its close cousin teal.

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