Mix it Up: Avoiding Matchy-Matchy Décor

Sometimes, your favorite recipes are the ones you follow more loosely, adjusting to suit your own tastes. The ingredients for a beautiful room can also be flexible. The definition of which elements “go together” extends beyond the arrangements you see in catalogs. Using too much of the same look creates an effect designers refer to as “matchy-matchy.” Current trends favor a more collected look, full of variation yet cohesive. Here are a few guidelines that can help you avoid a matchy-matchy theme.

Matching vs. Coordinated Rooms that match generally have the same upholstery on sofa, chair, and loveseat, use the same color wood, or share a lot of the same pattern. Too much matching can come across as staged and generic. A coordinated room mixes design elements, giving the sense that it was collected over time. The arrangement feels lived in, not merely furnished.

Vary Textures and Materials Variety is what catches the eye and makes a room’s style feel complete. Consider the unique textural qualities of different materials: natural fibers, wood grain, leather, glass. Layers of texture bring warmth and dimension, so mix them for effect. If you’re using wooden end tables, try a glass coffee table. Consider a leather chair with your fabric sofa. Patterns and prints also lend texture and visual weight.

Build on What You Already Have Mixing old and new automatically adds variety. It also gives you a starting point. Take inspiration from common shapes; even if they’re different styles, pieces can look good together because of a silhouette, leg style, or wood finish they share.

Unite with a Color Scheme Working from a defined color scheme can help tie the mix of textures and patterns together. The guidelines help with cohesion and act as boundaries to keep it from becoming chaotic. A common color can unite otherwise disparate pieces or styles too.

Ultimately, the elements will be brought together by the element they all share – YOUR style!

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