BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses Is Your Best Entertainment Center Headquarters

Entertainment Center Buying Guide

With over 100 consoles and TV stands on display, BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses is your best entertainment center headquarters. Advances in the design of entertainment centers have kept up with the advances in home electronics.  Whether you want to hide your electronics away or highlight their sleek design, there is something on the market to suit your needs.

The wide-screen dimensions of new TV don’t often fit in older entertainment centers.  Many newer designs are adjustable to accommodate different sized TVs; however, you should still measure your TV before you go shopping for an entertainment center.  Measure all three dimensions: height, width and depth.  Technology has changed a lot in recent years, so you should not assume that all set dimensions are pretty much the same.


Entertainment center is a general term that can apply to a number of different pieces of furniture used to house TVs, stereos and the like.  BiltRite Furniture will outline some of the different options that are available.

A TV cart is the most basic piece of furniture designed to support a TV.  The TV remains in the open, sitting on top, and limited storage is located in the lower portion of the cart.  The storage may be open shelves or it may be concealed behind doors.

Stands or Consoles have become more prominent as high-definition TVs have become more common in the market.  They are wider than TV carts and offer a more stable support for modern, wide-aspect TVs.  Some consoles come with hutches that allow you to mount flat panel TVs and provide additional media storage.

Entertainment walls are available by special order, and are designed to be customized to your storage needs and give you the look of built-in cabinetry.  Several different components can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.  TV carts and consoles are both options that can be incorporated into an entertainment wall, usually at the center.  This center piece is flanked by other storage pieces, which we are able to special order in for you.

Media piers go on either side of the TV housing.  They consist of a narrow cabinet with doors or open shelves.  Many piers incorporate glass doors at the top with interior lighting.  If you choose a pier like this, be sure the lighting is easy to access and operate. Many media piers offer built-in storage for CDs, DVDs and videos.

Open curio / bookshelf units are another option to add to your entertainment wall.  They offer addition storage and complete the look with attractive, coordinated display areas. Shelving units with lights should be easy to access and operate.

Features to look for

At BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses, we carry many manufacturers that offer different options for the doors on their entertainment furniture.  Some offer glass doors so that the remote will work without having the doors open.  Speaker grills are another option offered by many manufacturers: cabinet doors are fitted with speaker fabric that allows sound to travel through them.

Housing for each of your components is important to consider when you are shopping for a home entertainment center.  Take inventory of everything you hook up to your TV and make sure the entertainment center can not only house it, but house it so that it is easy to access and use.  Storage designed specifically to house gaming controls and cartridges are another great feature.  They hide all the clutter away, yet keep it easy to access and use.

Don’t forget about storage for DVDs, videos and other entertainment media.  Many entertainment systems have built-in, easy access storage, some with pull-out organizers that allow you to easily flip through titles.


Randi K. 4th Generation Family Member