Colors and Trends

Now is an excellent time to update your home and add a few new touches to refresh your living space. Not all home modifications need to be huge alterations. There are always inexpensive ways to add a little relevant décor to your home, or simple ways to bring in a few of the hottest trends.


Right now rich reds, yellows, and shades of orange are great choices when aiming to make a room feel cozy.  A splash of color creates warm, inviting rooms with all-season appeal.

For relaxation and cool, gray and yellow are the color combination of choice. All shades of gray are popular – the perfect neutral base upon which to add a dynamic burst of color. Driftwood grays are calm and restful while a touch of yellow will provide a highlight. A bold pattern on some accent pillows creates a sophisticated standout look.

The color of the year, tangerine, is prominent in today’s design palettes.  Look for it on everything from pillows and throws to lamps and rugs.


Accent pillows allow you to change up your décor seasonally and keep your room looking fresh and new throughout the year.   You can find a wide array of colors, fabrics, and designs, making it easy to match them to your style or to add a touch of the current trends.

For a hot on-trend look, you may wish to incorporate colorful and inspired Ikat and Navajo patterns into your accessories.  Design motifs for these textiles usually include organic shapes, geometric prints, and tremendous graphic interest.  An Ikat or Navajo inspired pillow, curtains, or upholstered accent chair provides an instant and current update to your décor.

To make a room more intimate, include a quilt or a throw draped over a chair or the back of the sofa. Right now chunky sweater-inspired knits are popular for blankets and rugs to add a textural interest to any room.


A key look on-trend now is gray washed finishes, inspired by the French antique style.  The patina of grainy wood, unfinished with a gray or white wash, offers a rustic feel that can be dressed up or down.

If you’d like to bring in a piece of accent furniture, a great option for fall can be found in the upscale vintage looks inspired by French flea markets. Incorporating vintage-inspired fabrics, can soften your décor.  Vintage color illustrations reproduced on natural fabrics like linen create a fresh mix of old style with new material.

Fur is in.  Faux fur and animal prints bring a funky flare and texture.  Today’s faux fur is made from materials that look and feel like the real thing.  Place a faux fur throw on a chair as an inviting accent.  An animal print rug or faux skin can bring a strong visual interest as well.

Hosting Guests

Don’t underestimate the transformative power of new bed linens or a set of towels to update a room.  As you prepare to host out-of-town guests, you may want to consider a fresh addition to the guest room, so that guests will feel that special welcoming touch within your home.



Randi K.
4th Generation Family Member