The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

As the calendar speeds through the seasons, you may be evaluating the state of your guest room mattress.  With the advent of new innerspring, memory foam, latex, and gel technologies, many customers have taken advantage of our great low sale prices to purchase a new mattress set for themselves, and retire the old one to the guest room.   Whether you’re looking to improve a bed for occasional visitors or upgrade your own mattress, here are some of the latest bedding innovations and must-haves.

Mattress Protectors

A sleep-related product growing in popularity – the new generation of mattress protectors.  A good mattress protector will prolong the life of your mattress and ensure you do not void your warranty if the mattress becomes soiled.  Today’s advancements in breathable fabrics offer the maximum in stain protection without diminishing the temperature-regulating features of your new mattress set.

Pillows to Match Your Sleeping Position

Did you know that 25-30% of your overall spinal alignment comes from your pillow?  New offerings in pillows allow you to select one that fits your sleep style whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper.  These advancements allow the sleeper to adjust the feel of their pillow by adding or removing comfort layers.  Pillows are also available with the same support and temperature-regulating materials as today’s premium mattress sets.

Two-Sided, Flip-able, Reversible Mattresses

The popularity of one-sided, pillow-top mattresses in the early part of this century has made two-sided, flip-able, reversible mattresses harder to come by.  They are now beginning to reappear on the market.  The advantage of a two-sided, flip-able, reversible mattress is that they offer twice the lifespan.  With regular flipping and rotating for maximum longevity, you can gain extra value from your purchase. BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses is one of the few stores in all of Southeastern Wisconsin to carry two-sided flip-able, reversible mattresses. We have six models displayed in our easy-to-shop mattress department. These mattresses are available at a variety of different sale prices, to suit any budget. Some models are even available with layers of latex or memory foam. We carry mattresses ranging from extra firm to ultra-plush, and everything in between. You can use them by themselves on a platform bed, or with a foundation for any frame or bed. Most feature foam encasement for edge support. Many have handles, for added ease in flipping and rotating. Get your two-sided, flip-able, reversible mattress at BILTRITE today!

BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses carries  great mattress brands including Therapedic, Restonic, Aireloom, Mattress 1st, Natural Sensations and more!. Come in to BILTRITE and let us help you to Sleep Rite.



Randi K.

4th Generation Family Member