Introducing Emerald, Color of the Year

Hot in both fashion and home décor, Emerald is the color of 2013.  Color expert Pantone, Inc. has named it the Color of the Year and describes it as “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance, and harmony.”  Once it’s on your radar, you’ll start noticing it everywhere.  Emerald is representative of growth and renewal.  Bring a little Emerald-inspired luxury and optimism into your life by incorporating it in your home with furniture and decor.

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color; responsible for the selection and communication of color across a variety of industries.  They set the trends you see in fashion, home interiors, graphic arts – basically anywhere style and creativity can be expressed.

As Color of the Year, Emerald was featured prominently at the Las Vegas Market trade show in January.  Twice a year, the Market showcases introductions from the world’s leading home furnishings manufacturers.  Many companies had Emerald products on display, inspiring the retailers and designers who bring these items to you.

Rich vibrant Emerald is a versatile color that you’ll find easy to add to interiors.  It works very well in rooms with a neutral color palette, and it looks great paired with other top Colors of the Year – blues, yellows, and other greens.  If you changed your color scheme last year, the popular grays, tans, and yellows of 2012 will also look great alongside Emerald.

Green is, of course, the color of nature and growth.  Revitalize your living room with Emerald window treatments, an accent chair, or leaf-print upholstery.  As in nature, greens look good with other bright yellows and greens.  An area rug containing green shades can accentuate other pieces in the room, giving you the chance to let the Emerald green pop.  Double up on the latest trends by choosing a rug with a bold geometric pattern or tribal print.  Throw pillows also offer a budget-friendly refresher for the any room in the house.

Emerald lends an automatic elegance because of its association with the gemstone for which it was named.  An emerald sofa transforms a room and stands out as a regal focal point.  As a jewel tone, Emerald looks dramatic mixed with metallic accents such as gold lamps or silver picture frames.

Among Pantone’s other top colors for 2013 are warm, green-hued blues that have a calming influence.  Bring serenity by coordinating water colors in your bedroom with green and blue bedding.  Harmonize your décor by pairing Emerald with white or with soft grays and yellows.  If a darker green is absorbing too much light, achieve visual balance by pairing it with white furnishings for a brightening lift.

Enjoy your experimentations with color. Have fun with it! Bringing this trend to life in your home will make those who don’t incorporate this “it color” green with envy.


Randi K.

4th Generation Family Member