Two-Sided, Flip-able, Reversible Mattresses

We are one of the few stores in all of Southeastern Wisconsin that carry two-sided, flip-able, reversible mattresses.  These hard-to-find two-sided, flip-able, reversible mattresses are made exclusively in the USA. We have six models displayed in our easy-to-shop mattress department.  The two-sided, flip-able, reversible design allows you to flip and rotate your mattress for a longer and more comfortable mattress life.  This is the old-school traditional way to make mattresses. It is not the newest technology, but in a world that is obsessed with new technology, we find it comforting to use a mattress with proven technology that still offers up a great night’s sleep. These mattresses are available at a variety of different sale prices, to suit any budget.  Both sides of these mattresses are finished, so you get double the sleeping surface, which helps to prevent sagging.  Some models are even available with layers of latex or memory foam. We carry mattresses ranging from extra firm to ultra-plush, and everything in between. These mattresses also offer a second chance for a fresh clean mattress in case of an accident.  You can use them by themselves on a platform bed, or with a foundation for any frame or bed. Most feature foam encasement for edge support. Many have handles, for added ease in flipping and rotating.  Get your two-sided, flip-able, reversible mattress at BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses today!



Randi K.
4th Generation Family Member