Anniversary Sale at BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses

Not only is it my third wedding anniversary, but it is also BILTRITE Furniture’s 84th birthday. Lately I have been thinking a lot about our family business,BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses. Maybe you already know our history. Maybe you don’t. I would like to share with you an abbreviated version of our story, and fill you in as to why BiltRite is so important to me.

In 1928 my Great-Grandfather opened BILTRITE on 3rd and Garfield, in Milwaukee. He had a dream that someday his store would be a legacy that he left to his children and grandchildren, and their future generations to come. That is exactly what happened. As the store grew and evolved, we moved to Mitchell Street, where we had five floors of furniture. Our loyal customers loved us so much; we had to move in order to expand enough to fit their growing needs.  In 2006 we moved to our beautiful current location in Greenfield. We continue to offer the affordable better quality furniture and mattresses in which my Great-Grandfather prided himself. We are honored to run the store that my Great-Grandfather worked hard to establish.

Every day I work side-by-side with four of my family members. Sure, sometimes working with my family all day every day has its own unique challenges. But I feel fortunate to be able to spend so much time with them. We love each other a lot and we work really well together as a team.

Our store is special because it is a locally owned and operated organization. We are not like the “big-box” stores that you see too much of these days. We are the third and fourth generation to run BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses. What allows a “mom-and-pops” store like ours to keep its doors open for over eighty years? We are an American tradition! We love America and we specialize in furniture made in the U.S.A. as well as Amish made furniture. Of course, we also have to have some imported items.

As the way the world is today, it is important, now more than ever, to shop locally and support local businesses. This helps to ensure that jobs will stay here in America. We are lucky to live in America and experience freedom. America was built on businesses like the one my Great-Grandfather built in 1928. We continue to grow and evolve, while still respecting our humble beginnings. We are committed to offering something that suits everybody.  You can’t imagine all of the great furniture you will find here.

So, if you haven’t been to BILTRITE Furniture – Leather – Mattresses lately, you’ve gotta get to here today.



Randi K.

4th Generation Family Member